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Internet of Things

A series of mechanical installations based on 19th century machines, presenting internet culture content in a manner that emphasizes the value inherent in physical, real-world experiences.

For most of us, our everyday lives revolve around the digital world. We tend to view this world as sophisticated, as compared to the analogue world which is usually viewed as more simple. However, while the digital world's sophistication remains cold and distant, lacking any tactile presence, the analogue world can evoke our deepest senses of wonder and delight. These are born of our sense of connection with the physical world that surrounds us.

Internet of Things seeks to awaken that same sense of wonder and delight, in a manner that emphasizes the value inherent in physical, real-world expereinces over digital experiences. The project translates iconic internet culture assets into analogue techniques and mechanisms from the 19th century. The works lead viewers to reflect on the differences in how they experience content in different physical contexts, and consider what may have been lost in the transition from an analogue world to a digital one.

Project collaborators:

Design and fabrication: Itamar Conforti

Woodworking: Tom Attias

Illustration: Ron Levin

Animation: Yael Ozsinay and Nadia Dubijansky

Piano: Martin Leung (The Video Game Pianist)

Sound: Ori Kadishay (Mazkeka Studios)

Vinyl: 16kHz Record Pressing



The project includes several coin-operated, mechanical kinetoscopes, displaying hand-drawn renditions of Facebook feeds.

Kinetoscope - detail

Detail of animation viewed inside the kinetoscope machine.

Keyboard cat phenakistoscope

Keyboard cat phenakistoscope

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The project includes several phenakistoscopes, displaying hand-drawn renditions of internet cats.

Nyan Cat Piano.mp3Video Game Pianist
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Vinyl record

The project includes a record player, playing a rendition of the Nyan Cat theme played by The Video Game Pianist.

gallery view - test installation - crop

Trial installation

The project was partially set up in Hamekarer Gallery in Tel Aviv to gauge audience interaction in preparation for its inaugural exhibition (upcoming).

Kinetoscope card reel 2.JPG

Kinetoscope card reel

Several card reels were made with animated Facebook feeds.

phenakistoscope discs - sample.jpg

Phenakistoscope discs

Three of four phenakistoscope discs with gifs of famous internet cats.

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