I'm an Israeli-based multidisciplinary artist, working mainly in bonsai, figurative sculpture and installation art.

Selected exhibitions

2018 - Contemporary Venice, Misericordia Archives, Venice, Italy

2018 - Hybrid Botany, Binyamini Center for Contemporary Ceramics, Israel

2018 - Canberra, Australia (several projects)

2017 - Vessels, Jerusalem Biennale, Israel

2016 - Bonsai without Borders, China

2016 - Disconnected Medium, Israel


  • On the Challenges and Opportunities of Working with Living Media - Bezalel MDes, Industrial Design program (Israel, 2017)

  • Traditional Japanese Art and Contemporary Artistic Practice - Artport Tel Aviv (Israel, 2016)

  • Ripples and Waves - talk at the American Public Gardens Association annual conference international session (USA, 2015)

  • Guest speaker at the prestigious Pecha Kucha cutting-edge arts event in Tel Aviv (Israel, 2012)

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